Transmission Repair

Automotive Transmission Repair Sioux Falls, SD

Whether you drive a manual or automatic vehicle, you have a transmission system that is responsible for moving power from the engine to the wheels. Gears shift to accommodate speed and there are numerous components within the system to ensure nothing overheats, gears are shifting when they should and everything is properly lubricated. When something stops working, or you’re unable to shift gears properly, it’s time to call Team Automotive.

If you’re in or near Sioux Falls, SD, call Team Automotive for your automatic transmission or manual transmission troubles. Don’t wait for a small issue to grow into a larger, more expensive, transmission replacement. Instead, call the ASE-certified mechanics at Team Automotive. We’ll give you a free quote and offer repair options at affordable prices.

transmission system repairs in Sioux Falls, SD

Common Transmission Problems

There are a number of issues your transmission may encounter over the lifetime of your vehicle, but how do you know it’s your transmission that’s going out and not one of the other components under the hood? Here are a few signs you should be aware of that indicate something is wrong with your transmission system.

  • Gear shift without prompting
  • Gears don’t shift at all
  • Burning smell
  • Car won’t move
  • Clunking, buzzing or humming sounds
  • Leak
  • Dirty or low transmissions
  • Check engine light is on

When your car displays any of these symptoms, call Team Automotive immediately. Waiting can endanger the health of the rest of your transmission system, your engine and even more components under the hood. Hesitating or driving a car that is already displaying troubling signs can lead to breaks, fluid leaks and more costly fixes. Call Team Automotive and trust our mechanics to investigate your transmission issues and give you a specific diagnosis. Visit our Sioux Falls auto repair shop for free quotes and affordable transmission repairs.

Transmission Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Your transmission requires regular maintenance. If you’re not sure, how, consider the following methods.

  • Regularly change transmission filter
  • Regularly check transmission fluid
  • Use correct type of transmission fluid
  • Regularly flush transmission fluid
  • Inspect transmission system annually
  • Service engine’s cooling system regularly
  • Don’t strain gears
  • Warm car before driving
  • Change out spare tire as soon as possible

If you’re not sure what kind of transmission fluid is best for your car, truck, van or SUV, contact Team Automotive. Our technicians will inspect your vehicle and tell you which fluids are best for the health of your transmission system. For regular flushes and top offs, make an appointment with Team Automotive. We’ll inspect your entire transmission system each year and your engine’s cooling system as well.

What we mean by straining your gears is you need to consider your driving habits. Do you wait to come to a complete stop before shifting into reverse? How about shifting into drive after backing up? If not, you could be straining your gears and wearing the system down unnecessarily. Consider the maintenance methods listed above and if it’s been a while since your last service appointment, give Team Automotive a call or come into our Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop. Speak with one of our friendly, professional car mechanics about your transmission repair.

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