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Your tires need to be carefully maintained as a safety precaution — but that’s not the only reason. Buying new tires can be expensive, so make sure to keep a close eye on how you’re driving, what the best practices are for your tires, what to do when you need a repair or replacement and who to call (hint: Team Automotive) for tire-related help.

Team Automotive’s ASE-certified mechanics are ready to help you maintain, replace or repair your tires. When you need a tire rotation, a nail patched or your tread inspected, give our Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop a call and we’ll give you a free repair quote.

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Common Tire Problems

There are a few tire problems to look out for. These issues may seem small, but the moment you notice something is off with your car, truck, van or SUV, it’s important to investigate and call Team Automotive for a correct diagnosis.

  • Falling air pressure
  • Excessive vibrations
  • Uneven wear
  • Tire warning light on (in newer vehicles)
  • Flat tire
  • Cracked tire
  • Tread wear/balding tires
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Nails or other materials sticking out of tires

These signs indicate something is wrong with your tires. Simply airing up your tires, rotating or patching them can prove to be a sound fix, but sometimes you need to have a tire — or several — fully replaced. This is for the sake of your safety. If you fail to replace or repair your tires, you may lose grip with the road and lose control. Avoid the accident and call Team Automotive the minute you suspect something is wrong with your vehicle.

Understanding Your Tires

Though tires may seem cut and dry, they actually have a lot of needs to remain healthy. Here are a few factors that come together to ensure your vehicle is moving smoothly.

Air Pressure

When a tire’s air pressure is too low, it increases friction and can lead to a number of problems that include popping, wearing out much faster than normal and even overheating. If the air pressure is too high, your tread can’t grip the road as firmly and you can’t control the vehicle as well.

Tire Rotation

Your tires need to be rotated every 5,000 miles so they wear evenly. If one or two tires start to wear at different rates than the others, it can put unnecessary stress on your car, truck, SUV or van.

Wheel Balance

If your wheels aren’t balanced properly, it can lead to strong vibrations that you can feel when handling the steering wheel. It’s a sign your wheels aren’t happy and need to be balanced, or it can lead to more serious issues.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is also important, since misalignment can lead to uneven tire wear and difficulty in handling your vehicle. It also makes your tires wear down a lot faster than they would otherwise. If you want to avoid a shaking steering wheel and an expensive tire fix later on, call Team Automotive to get your wheels aligned.

Call Team Automotive

Remember, call Team Automotive the minute you notice something is wrong with your vehicle so we can help you take care of the issue while it’s still small. Waiting can cause more components to become unstable, die or even break. When in doubt, call our Sioux Falls auto repair shop and our ASE-certified mechanics will help you with tire repair, maintenance, replacements and rotations without breaking the bank.

Tire Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Here are a few simple ways to maintain healthy tires.

  1. Check tire air pressure regularly
  2. Rotate tires every 5,000 miles
  3. Get wheels balanced
  4. Check alignment twice a year
  5. Call Team Automotive as soon as an issue arises

If you’re not sure how to check your tire pressure or aren’t comfortable balancing your own wheels, call Team Automotive and one of our knowledgeable auto mechanics will help. At our Sioux Falls auto repair shop, we can also help with all tire repair and replacement services

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