Suspension Repair

Automotive Suspension Repair in Sioux Falls, SD

Your car, truck, SUV or van’s car suspension is responsible for keeping your vehicle from rattling and shaking all over the road when you’re driving on uneven surfaces. It also increases friction for your tires so they stay in contact with the road. The suspension system is very important because you can’t control your car as well without it. So, when your suspension is giving you trouble, call Team Automotive. Our ASE-certified mechanics can help diagnose the issue and provide affordable service options to get you back on the road safe and sound.

suspension repairs

Understanding your Suspension System

Every vehicle has a suspension system. Without this system, you could hit a bump while driving at high speeds and become airborne, which would force you to lose control and risk a serious accident. Your suspension system is made up of:

Coil Springs

These springs absorb the impact when your tires hit bumps, roll over uneven surfaces and rough terrain. When you move over speed bumps or hit shallow potholes, it’s the coil springs that absorb most of the impact.

Shock Absorbers

Other names for the shock absorbers are “shocks” or “dampers.” These parts are connected to the coil springs and work to absorb the impact that surpasses the springs. The shock absorbers work when you hit severe bumps or fall into deep potholes.

Sway Bar

This u-shaped steel bar connects to your front wheels and is also called a stabilizer bar. When you make a turn in your car, the weight distributes to one side and sways. The sway bar controls your wheel’s suspension so the weight is distributed in such a way that your car is as flat as possible during turns and your tires don’t leave the ground. This increases your car’s stability.

There are also joints, bearings and other parts that work together to allow your suspension system to move and work properly. Combined, these components keep your tires firmly on the ground at all times.

Common Suspension Problems

Since your suspension system plays such a serious role in the health of your car, SUV, truck or van, it’s important to keep an eye out for unusual behavior. If you’re not sure whether your suspension is off, or if you might need an auto suspension repair, consider the following common problems:

  • Difficulty steering
  • Extremely bumpy ride
  • Car leans to one side when empty
  • Car drifts or pulls to the side when turning
  • Bouncing forward when braking or backward when accelerating
  • Greasy/oily shock absorbers

You should inspect your vehicle every now and then to make sure there are no leaks, broken components or an unusual appearance. But those visual indicators aren’t enough to tell if something is wrong with your car. Pay attention to the way it drives and any sounds it makes. Consider the above symptoms and call Team Automotive immediately if you notice your car is displaying signs that the suspension is off. Our mechanics will offer a free quote and will repair your system.

Suspension Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining a healthy suspension system is as easy as following these tips:

  • Check tire pressure regularly
  • Inspect tire tread regularly
  • Get wheels aligned every 30,000 miles or every 2 years
  • Inspect components for breaks and wear
  • Call Team Automotive if in an accident

After an accident, your alignment can be off, even if it was just a small fender bender. So when your car, SUV, van or truck starts to display signs that the suspension system is in need of repair, call Team Automotive. We offer the following repair options:

  • Shock absorber replacement
  • Coil spring replacement
  • Sway bar replacement
  • Replacement of entire or partial suspension system
  • Restoring connections
  • Realignments
  • Reinforcements

Whether you need a full replacement, partial replacement, realignment or reinforcement, Team Automotive has you covered. Count on our knowledgeable auto mechanics at our trusted Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop. We offer quick and affordable auto suspension repairs all year long.

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