Exhaust System Service

Exhaust System Service in Sioux Falls, SD

The exhaust system includes many parts that work together to move harmful vehicle emissions from your car cabin. These emissions are the numerous gasses produced by the combustions that take place in your engine. The exhaust system is comprised of tubes that not only moves gas but also reduces your engine’s numerous and boisterous sounds. Some of the gasses that are released are toxic and need to be redirected so they don’t enter your vehicle, which is why proper exhaust service, repair and replacement is so important.

When your exhaust system is failing, call Team Automotive. We are proud to be ASE-certified, meaning one of our Master mechanics is able to take a look at the entire exhaust system, diagnose the problem, offer you solutions and quote a fair price.

exhaust system repair replacement

Understanding Your Exhaust System

Your exhaust system is made up of several parts. Together, these components work to reduce both noise and gas emission pollution from your vehicle. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Exhaust Manifold

This piece connects your exhaust system to the engine. The cylinders in the engine contain the gas your engine releases. These cylinders are connected to the manifold, which pushes them through the rest of the exhaust system.


These exist on high-performance vehicles and do much the same as the exhaust manifold, but the connecting tubes are bigger. The larger tubes requires less pressure from the engine to push gasses through the rest of the system.

Oxygen Sensor

This sensor checks the gas released from the engine and detects how much is oxygen. There shouldn’t be any oxygen present, since the engine should be consuming it to produce power. When this sensor detects unused oxygen, it tells your car’s computer to adjust the engine’s performance.

Catalytic Converter

This component takes the toxic gasses that are released from the engine and it converts them from their fully toxic states into less harmful emissions.


These are designed to help muffle the sounds from your car. Without a muffler, your vehicle would be extremely loud.


This is also known as the exhaust pipe. It is visible when you stand behind your vehicle. This is the part that releases all the remaining gasses and sounds.

Exhaust System Problems

Since your exhaust system handles dangerous gasses and helps control the sounds from your engine, it’s important to keep it in order. When your exhaust system starts to fail, it can become dangerous. Here are the signs to look for when considering the health of your exhaust system:

  • Broken/damaged tail pipe
  • Strong gas smell
  • Burning smell
  • Loud engine noise
  • Check engine light on
  • Vibrating gas pedal, steering wheel or car seat

If you notice any of these symptoms, call Team Automotive. Our Sioux Falls auto repair shop is happy to assist. Don’t hesitate and potentially release toxic gasses into the environment. Unlike other components in your car that can lead to costly repairs, a failing catalytic converter can pose as a serious danger. Call Team Automotive today for auto exhaust system services.

Exhaust System Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Your exhaust system removes toxic gasses from your engine in the form of fumes, so routine maintenance can safe your life. To ensure your system is healthy, follow these tips:

  • Schedule regular inspections
  • Look for leaks
  • Inspect for tailpipe or muffler corrosion
  • Inspect for broken/worn parts
  • Call Team Automotive if check engine lights comes on
  • Wash exterior of muffler and dry completely

Another thing to watch and listen for is engine misfiring. If this occurs, or if you see cracks or leaks, contact Team Automotive immediately. Our Sioux Falls auto repair shop is home to ASE-certified mechanics who can diagnose the issue and offer repair or replacement options. Stop in with your car or call us today to set up an appointment. Trust in our auto repair shop for your auto exhaust system service, maintenance or replacement.

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