Engine Repair

Automotive Engine Repair Sioux Falls, SD

Engine repairs are often the most feared by anyone who owns a car, SUV, truck or van. When you hear the words “engine repair,” it isn’t uncommon to imagine a large bill to go along with it. But here at Team Automotive, we strive to offer prompt care and treatment of your engine to avoid failures, breaks and unnecessary wear. We encourage our customers to pay attention to your check engine lights and come in for regular service. Proper maintenance can help you avoid major damage and save you a ton of cash. But when you do encounter problems with your engine, Team Automotive is here to diagnose, repair or replace whatever the problem is — and we’ll make sure it doesn’t break the bank.

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Common Engine Problems

Your engine concerns are Team Automotive’s concerns, too. The problem is there are so many components under the hood that it can be difficult to accurately identify what’s wrong. Here are a few common engine issues to look for when your car, van, SUV or truck seems to be acting up.

  • Oil leak
  • Overheating engine
  • Power steering goes out
  • Engine stalls
  • Can’t start engine
  • Service engine soon light appears
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Smoke escaping the engine
  • Strange noises

If your vehicle is exhibiting any of these symptoms, there may be a problem with your engine. Again, it can be difficult to determine the cause at a glance, so an ASE-certified tech needs to take a look under the hood. When you need an engine repair, come to Team Automotive. We are proud to be a Sioux Falls, South Dakota auto repair shop that utilizes  industry-leading equipment. Our ASE-certified mechanics can diagnose your car engine’s issues, suggest an affordable repair and even offer a free quote.

Automotive Engine Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining your engine with regular checkups is the best way to make it last years and years. Come to Team Automotive every 2,000 miles, or by the date given to you after your previous checkup appointment. We’ll check all the fluid levels, ensure all the belts are healthy and in working order, double check for any leaks, tears, breaks or unsafe wear and more. Here are a few ways you can maintain your engine from home:

  • Regularly change oil
  • Regularly top off coolant tank
  • Regularly replace air filter
  • Regularly replace oil filter
  • Always check for leaks
  • Check engine belts for wear
  • Don’t drive until gas tank is empty
  •  Regularly change spark plugs and wires
  • Call Team Automotive when check engine light appears
  • Call Team Automotive when car experiences unusual symptoms
  • Don’t speed up to slow down

What we mean when we say not to “speed up to slow down” is you should keep your eyes focused ahead of you when you’re driving. If you see a red light up ahead, or notice a line of cars slowing down or coming to a stop, don’t maintain your speed. This causes unnecessary wear on your engine. When you expect a stop or see that you’ll need to brake soon, step off the gas pedal and slow down. Don’t continue at your regular speed, or accelerate to go faster, only to come to a stop in the end.

If you notice any of the above symptoms, contact Team Automotive. We are a trusted Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop and one of our ASE-certified mechanics would be happy to  diagnose and fix your car, truck, SUV or van. Call Team Automotive today for your engine repair.

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