Car Battery Charge and Replacement

Automotive Battery Charge and Replacement in Sioux Falls, SD

Your car battery provides the energy your vehicle needs to turn on and perform certain functions. But if you choose not to fully start your car, you can still use the battery to power electrical components such as the lights, radio, GPS, windshield wipers and the air conditioner or heater.

Like most batteries, yours runs out of power over time. That’s why the alternator charges the battery up again while you’re driving, but your battery can’t be recharged forever. It can only be charged a finite number of times before it starts to tell you it needs to be replaced. That’s where Team Automotive — a trusted Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop — comes in. Trust our ASE-certified technicians to offer a variety of services, such as a battery inspection, charge or replacement at affordable prices.

car battery charge

Understanding Your Car Battery

There are two types of batteries designed for cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. These supply electricity to your system and are required for your vehicle to turn on and function.

Standard Wet Cell Batteries

These batteries are also known as flooded or conventional batteries. They contain carefully measured liquids that react with your car’s lead plates to create an electric current of power. The liquid within these batteries need to be checked and maintained carefully so they don’t damage your vehicle. They’re also more susceptible to extreme temperatures.

Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) Batteries

These batteries were designed to create bursts of power for electronics that run for long periods of time. Rather than store free liquids like wet cell batteries, AGM batteries contain an electrolyte solution between battery plates and is saturated with fiberglass. AGM batteries are considered “maintenance free,” since the fluid within them isn’t at risk of spilling and is less susceptible to “gassing” or water loss.

If you have more questions regarding batteries, specific voltage questions or just want to make sure you buy the right battery for your vehicle, call Team Automotive and one of our certified mechanics will help you out.

Common Battery Problems

When the batteries in a remote control begin to die, you’ll notice sometimes the controller works and sometimes it doesn’t. Car batteries are no different. Maybe your car doesn’t want to start the first time you turn your key in the ignition, but it starts the second or third time. Other signs your battery may be dying or damaged include:

  • Headlights or interior lights are dim
  • Battery over 2 or 3 years old
  • Sputtering before starting
  • Check engine light on
  • Broken or bulging battery case
  • Battery dead/car won’t start
  • Battery acid leak

You can also drain your battery if you leave the headlights on or if you use your vehicle to listen to music for too long. Without the engine running to recharge it, the battery can’t last. If you need a car battery charge or replacement, call Team Automotive. Our friendly and experienced ASE-certified mechanics will charge your battery up to full capacity and inspect your car’s electrical system as well.

Battery Service, Maintenance and Repairs

When you want to keep your battery in tip-top shape, remember the following:

  • Regularly inspect battery for corrosion
  • Turn off lights when exiting vehicle
  • Drive car for 10-15 minutes at least twice a week
  • Change every 3-4 years, more often in extreme climate
  • Clean Battery
  • Keep cables secure
  • Warm vehicle before driving in cold weather

Call Team Automotive to regularly check, recharge or maintain your car’s battery. Our certified technicians can tell you whether your dying or dead battery can be recharged or if it needs to be replaced. We’ll test your battery to accurately diagnose the issue and give you a free service quote at a fair price and get your car battery charged or replaced in no time.

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