Radiators in Sioux Falls, SD

Radiators are necessary to control temperatures within the engine. This means when your radiator starts to give you trouble, you run the risk of several dangerous situations. Don’t risk an engine fire by hesitating to get your radiator serviced. Call Team Automotive for a radiator inspection, engine block inspection, temperature and thermostat inspections, for regular radiator maintenance, repairs and more.

Team Automotive is proud to be ASE-certified. Our auto mechanics are specially trained to diagnose and repair or replace components throughout your car, truck, van or SUV. No matter what you drive, all vehicles require healthy radiators to run properly. When you notice something is wrong under your hood, visit our trusted auto repair shop and receive professional, friendly and reliable service at a price you can afford.

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Understanding Your Radiator

Your radiator is designed to help pull heat from the coolant running through your engine. In modern vehicles, the radiator is made of aluminum and is composed mostly of a series of tubes. Coolant heated by the engine flows through these tubes and is cooled by air flow and fans. Some radiator tubes have fins called turbulators, which creates extra fluid turbulence. This allows more liquid to touch the sides of the cooled tubes and thus, cool more quickly. Without turbulence, only the portion of liquid coming into contact with the tubes will cool and the center will remain hot. This leads to engine overheating and weaknesses in the tubes, which causes radiator leaks.

Common Radiator Problems

The health of your radiator, which is a big part of your cooling system, determines the health of your engine. When the radiator is experiencing a problem, the rest of your engine starts to display signs of trouble as well. Here are a few signs to look out for:

  • Overheating
  • Coolant leak
  • Discolored coolant
  • Low coolant levels
  • Smoke from under hood
  • Heater doesn’t work
  • Damaged radiator fins

If your car is displaying any of these symptoms, call Team Automotive right away. If left unchecked, your engine risks overheating to the point of catching fire. Don’t let things get that bad. Call Team Automotive and speak to one of our ASE-certified mechanics. We will diagnose your issue and offer an affordable fix or replacement at our Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop.

Radiator Service, Maintenance and Repairs

Your radiator’s health is responsible for your engine’s health. That’s why it’s so important you focus on maintaining a healthy radiator system. There are many ways to maintain your radiator, including the following.

  • Use the right coolant for your environment and vehicle
  • Regularly flush the radiator
  • Check hoses for leaks and wear
  • Maintain coolant levels
  • Don’t overload/stress car

The kind of coolant your vehicle needs depends on the weather and type of vehicle you’re driving. If you’re not sure which coolant you should be using, call Team Automotive. Our technicians will help you out. And if you don’t know how to flush the radiator or replace damaged hoses, Team Automotive’s experienced mechanics can do it for you. We’ll ensure your engine doesn’t overheat and your radiator is in working condition. Call Team Automotive for a regular radiator maintenance service appointment. Our Sioux Falls, SD auto repair shop will take car of radiator power flushing, radiator fluid exchanges, clearing clogged radiator components and more.

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