Automotive Warning Light Diagnostics

Automotive Warning Light Diagnostics in Sioux Falls, SD

Your dashboard is full of so many lights and warning signals that it can feel overwhelming. Sometimes they can be tough to interpret, and even more confusing when you try to figure out how to make the appropriate repairs. When your dashboard warning lights start lighting up, call Team Automotive for help.

We are proud to be ASE-certified, which means our technicians understand your car, truck, van or SUV inside and out. We’ll inspect your warning lights flashing across your vehicle’s dashboard to determine what the image means and why your car’s computer is sending the system signal. We’ll let you know your service options and throw in a free quote, too.

auto warning light diagnostics

Understanding Your Automotive Warning Lights

When there’s something wrong with your car, it often tells you with a warning lights on your dashboard. But what do those little icons mean? There are so many and it can be difficult to tell which is which — especially when you’re driving and your eyes are focused on the road. So what are your options? While there is much to be said about the individual icons, here is some valuable information you can use when there’s only time for a quick glance.

Red Lights

If you’re driving and suddenly a red light appears on your dashboard, it means there is a serious problem and you need to act quickly. There is a serious problem that poses a safety issue, such as a broken component that can lead to dangerous engine temperatures. When you see a red light on your dash, pull over and inspect your vehicle immediately.

Orange Lights

The orange or amber-colored lights that appear on your dashboard often mean your system is trying to warn you about an issue that is important to take note of and repair as soon as possible. When you see an orange light, your fuel level may be low or your battery might by dying. If you see an orange light, call Team Automotive as soon as possible to set up an appointment.

Green and Blue Lights

These icons reveal a feature is engaged. You’ll notice when you use cruise control, the image will appear in blue. If you’re driving and you notice a blue or green light coming from your dashboard, there is no reason to worry. Just make sure that whatever feature is engaged is meant to be in use.

When you want to see what specific icons mean, refer to your car’s owners manual. It shows the different symbols and what they mean. If you see red or orange lights, call Team Automotive. Your car will require service and our technicians can tell you exactly what that service is.

Automotive Warning Light Service, Maintenance and Repairs

The best way to maintain your vehicle is to bring it in as soon as you notice something is wrong. When you need warning light diagnostics, call Team Automotive. If you wait, it can lead to more lights, which means more problems. Don’t hesitate while your car’s dashboard gets brighter and brighter. Call Team Automotive to have your vehicle serviced. Our trained mechanics can tell you why your icons are shining and what your maintenance, repair or replacement options are.

Team Automotive is in the business of serving our community. That means we care about your vehicle and your circumstances. We offer financing if you need it so you can get back on the road safe and sound. Trust that if it’s auto-related, Team Automotive is ready and able to handle it.

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